Innovative and Experienced

Sales Representatives

providing a wide range of professional services and supply chain solutions. 

Innovative and Experienced

Sales Reps

providing a wide range of professional services and supply chain solutions. 

What We Look for with our Brand Partners?

Our first rule with partners is to have strong working relationship.  The companies we sell for become our teammates.   Our success is their success and vice versa.  Having a strong bond with our team, makes a big difference for us.  

We also look for exceptional products.  When you believe in what you are selling is a major key to success.  Whether your product is better aesthetically, creatively, or functionality, we look for the best products we can find. 

Understanding today’s selling climate:

Both New School and Old School Approach

To be successful sales reps, you need to always adopt to new technologies and new innovations. The way to sell products is constantly changing, especially in a post Covid world. With tech savvy shoppers becoming more the norm, reaching buyers and methods of selling has changed. Being successful often requires that you be able to reinvent your selling methods to reach buyers. We have done this and kept us with the latest with the industry.

Success also requires the understanding of the importance of servicing our clients and in person meetings. Sometimes the old school methods of doing business are the best method. Our ability to maintain very strong long-term relationships and build new relationships, enable us to get to the right buyers and decision makers. Thus open up accounts for our brands and companies.

Industries We Specialize In

We have focused on three key areas, but we are always looking to diversify with our sales team.


We work with several non-competing companies that manufacture goods for the home. We have developed a huge database of retailers, both national and regional, and even have clients we work with in International markets.

Specialty Sporting Good and Apparel

One key area is working more on a regional level with specialty sporting goods. Whether it is a Golf or Tennis Pro Shop, Running Store, Ski Shop, Baseball or Lacrosse store we have worked with clients that prefer to sell this method of smaller specialty shops. Some of these clients also wanted to go after major retailers as well. We have the ability to do both, regional stores and major chains.

Software Sales

One of our newer areas is our software sales; B2B. We find this an exciting industry and something we would like to expand in. We have worked mainly with Law Firms, Human Resources and Point of Sale software.

A Wide Array of Services

We are contracted independent sales reps that enable a company to have an experienced sales staff without the fixed costs. But our experiences and services go well beyond just sales, but offer much more from being on front lines. 

Brand Representation

We work as your sales force in representing your brand. Many companies prefer to source out their sales department as it is huge cost saving, lowers the business risk, and gets them an experienced team of sales reps.

Import & Exporting of Goods

Understanding sourcing, shipping and manufacturing as well have relationships and partners overseas in shipping has enabled us to lessen the risk of mistakes in an area that can be very intimidating and risky.


Whether we are paid consultants, or just hired as independent sales reps, being on the front lines, being in stores and businesses, speaking to industry partners, we also provide feedback to our partners.

B2B Sales

In addition to selling to stores, our fastest growing areas is business to business sales. Presently selling software but would look to expand this area with the right company(s).

Innovating New Products

This is an area that we specialize in as designers. We have worked in product design along with sales for certain companies. Speaking to buyers, designers, and others in the industry, we often get great feedback on our products. Often we design products for our clients.

Marketing and Promotion

Part of wearing many hats is working with our clients with marketing and promotion. Getting products in the store is just the first step, but ultimately it is about sales. Marketing and Promotion are important and are a huge key in moving product.